Building a website without SEO is like building a house without a foundation- Hatem Attia.

The above statement holds true and carries infinite significance in this day and age. Although the internet was not this essential a decade ago, with the introduction of countless applications and the widespread use of this powerful platform. The internet has now also become the leading place to do business.

Making tons of money is a natural aspect of the internet and with millions of businesses on it, companies are dying to get clicked. Unfortunately, not all companies make it to the top of the list. Actually, in order to attain and maintain a good ranking and position on search engine results, SEO  is of paramount importance.

Web development and promotion is a never-ending process, which consists of a series of activities that are used to boost the page rankings and drive heavy traffic towards a particular website.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, SEO is the most prominent. The more visitors you display, the more traffic you will receive and the higher your returns will be.

The entire optimization process is performed by our Webmasters whose sole purpose is to strengthen site exposure until they receive maximum returns and have a well-established customer base.


The ultimate goal of promotions is to generate high-quality websites that operate flawlessly. All competitive businesses need web promotions. When visitor’s browsers click for your website it should sit on the top of the web search results. However, if your website is not visible at the fore, your company’s online visibility will be reduced to a low downturn.

  • Boost your exposure and the organic traffic to your website
  • Helps your business to grow and improve on sales.
  • Develops a strong brand identity and reputation.
  • Instills feelings of confidence and trust.
  • Creates healthy and lasting customer relationships.


CODEX GLOBAL is one of the leading software consultancy firms in the industry. We are headquartered in India and deliver the best results money can buy. Our passions and commitment to our work has made us one of the most sort after firms in the world. We are currently focusing on expanding our web promotions and mobile app development services to the vast American market. These services include:

  • Economical and qualitative services
  • Product designs and keeping ahead of current trends.
  • Seamless implementations of systems
  • Customer-friendly websites and SEO compatibility.
  • After thorough research and analysis, we begin and complete any project to perfection.