Identity stationery

Custom design identity stationery is an integral part of your corporate identity and when executed properly, delivers your message clearly and proficiently to customers. These stationary items include business cards, letterheads and envelopes. We know that to create a lasting brand all communication channels in your business must have a consistent look and feel. Continuity is key to maintaining a lasting relationship with customers.

Make your business look more stable and credible through effective identity stationary. Codex Global affordable, professional corporate stationery designing services for startups and well-established corporations. Our services include business cards, letterheads, customized envelopes, & compliment slips. Select from our long list of standard designs or get some custom-made designs that best suits your preference, needs, and/or budget.

Before we start the designing process, we gather all the details about your business then use that information to create professionally made stationery that best represents your brand.


Nothing makes your business look more reliable than professionally designed stationery. At Codex Global we understand how significant colors and fonts are to your marketing material, letterheads, compliment slips, and business cards.

Create the most unforgettable image for your business, CODEX GLOBAL.

A minor investment in professionally designed stationery pays off every time you hand over your business card or send a business letter to someone. It is your stationery product that makes people wonder or think about doing business with you. If done properly they form lasting impressions about how your business and employees operate.


Hire Codex Global for your stationery needs and you will portray the best impression when sending complimentary slips, giving out business cards and letterheads to potential clients. Once our team begins to design for you, you won’t be able to work with anyone else in the future. We are known for being the best and cheapest designing and stationary service provider on the planet. These services include:

  • Quick and prompt services
  • Current and trendy designs
  • Lasting impression
  • Top-quality results every time
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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