Graphic Designing Service

Graphic Designing Services have long been played a promising and undefined role in the business world. A graphic designing, best described as a visual image is made using special hardware and software, conveying a message or some sort of message or graphical typo to the audience. Graphic designing, as imagined to be is not an easy feat as the main focus is laid on the fact that a particular message has to delivered to the global masses through a simple yet effective and long lasting pic. If the audiences are able to relate and comprehend to it, only then it is said to be effective.

Such graphics are greatly used in the online business era in order to catch the eyes and mind of customers. These are those pictures that are aimed to compel and relate the visitor of the website. This is why; we can say that most of the websites are now days full of graphical images. In fact, it is incomplete if you have not integrated some appealing yet relevant graphics to the website to retain customers balloon your sales and get impressive returns.

We hold expertise with following Graphic Designing Services…

  • Logo designs
  • Corporate Identities
  • Flyers Designs
  • Facebook Banners Designs
  • Brochure Designs
  • And other graphics as per needs

Merits of Graphic Designing

Enhance your customer reach:

Graphics tend to attract the users attention easily as compared to the content. A picture is worth a thousand words. Your graphic image will be a balanced combination of art and text. Enjoy a clean and good graphic design that ensures greater traffic as the customer read through the notable points as related to the text.

Impressive brand identity:

Use the attractive graphic designs o your home page like logo or image and get it familiarized to the customers and bolster your brand identity. Your will definitely receive the trust of the target market and enjoy a seamless connection with the customers.

Better Returns:

Enhanced brand recognition results in handsome sales and better revenues. The company will be able to capture a larger market share and tap on to the potential clients.

Business Expansion:

Impressive graphic designs help to create superior corporate identity, promote positive image and brand about the company and also facilitate good business connections.


If you get clever graphic layout designs, you will easily build an identity for yourself, boost your professionalism and earn better links in corporate world.


Benefits with Graphic Designing Service

Codex-Global is Egyptian leading and premium web Development Company having a satisfactory and strong customer base in Egypt and Saudi Arabia as well. We have retained the top position as Graphic Design market in Egypt as well as Saudi Arabia. We are superlative in the field and our graphic designing team is well versed with all kinds of dynamic needs handling and management. We also provide Website development services that even includes graphic designing, e-commerce web development and mobile app development services.

  • Fast, accurate and timely services.
  • A team of dexterous developers to produce best for the clients.
  • Great and contended customer experience.
  • Commendable services at cheap rates.
  • Tailored and workable solutions for all needs.
  • Compatibility to prevailing international trends and standards.

We Providing Our professional Design Services through 4 Categories :