AMC (Annual Maintenance plan)


A good website is incomplete without sound Annual Maintenance Plan. It includes taking care of emails setup and cosmetic corrections for website which includes server monitoring, schedule backup, security updates, patch updates, server updates, C panel updates. It is just like servicing your car once it has been bought for checking whether all the parts are working fine or not. AMC ensures fault free improved features of any website and our mechanics will ensure that you are forever presentable to you customers.

People or Businesses, who have an urge for good services, AMC plans are one of the best solutions for them. We are capable of maintaining websites and provide services that help you sustain the competitive world. We work hard to provide your website with an error free look. No need to worry whether your website will be visible on the Internet or popular search engines or not. We are here to do it for you.

A website maintenance plan includes numerous services right from the basic website troubleshooting to advanced technical support. Some of them include:

  • Regular testing of links to ensure all are working fine
  • Placing dummy orders to check ecommerce stores
  • Regular backup of site to avoid data loss due to any server failures
  • All types of troubleshooting and technical assistance
  • Technical upgrades, if required
  • Bug fixing
  • Monthly or weekly website upgrade and reporting as per contract
  • Website upgrade with text content as well as images
  • Website audits and others

Merits of Annual Maintenance Plan

  • The standard life of a web page is around 2400 hours or 100 days.
  • To augment and/or perk up the design.
  • Static websites die down very fast from lack of interest.
  • To correct bugs and design problems.
  • To update or add supplementary information
  • To act in response to visitor’s remarks/ recommendations.

Benefits of AMC Plans with ID Corporate:

We provide charges and plans for all kinds of businesses and clients. Types of AMC we Offer:

  • Regular AMC (Fixed Years or more than two years)
  • Yearly AMC (Annual AMC)
  • Quarterly AMC
  • Semester wise AMC (Six Months AMC)
  • Monthly AMC (Month by Month AMC)

If you are seriously looking to get some reliable and quality oriented AMC for your website, then contact us immediately. Give us a chance to provide you with best services. Once you struck a deal with us, we will survey your entire website and send you the report with the best rates we can give you. Choose the package and we will start working on your website, renewing it and eliminating all the flaws and hidden errors that otherwise were earlier impacting the performance and rank.