AMC (Annual Maintenance plan)


Even the world’s best-made website will perform poorly without a good annual maintenance plan. A good plan should include: required corrections for the website, setting up and taking care of all emails, server monitoring, schedule backup, security updates, Patch, server updates, and see panel updates. Your website is like your car if you don’t service it regularly and replace the necessary parts then your vehicle will not perform at optimum level and will eventually start to malfunction.

AMC ensures that websites run smoothly and free of malfunctions. Our master mechanics keep any website they work on running at peak performance, ensuring that all visitors have the best possible experience.

Those businesses or people that have a tremendous need for good services should only use AMC solutions. We at Codex Global only provide services that help the businesses we work with stay ahead of their competition. No one else will work harder at making sure that your website maintains its flawless appeal, and is highly visible on the internet and search engines worldwide.

An ideal Website Maintenance Plan comes with various services from basic website troubleshooting to advanced technical support, some of which include the following:

  • Regular link testing to ensure that they are all working properly
  • Play some dummy orders to test e-commerce stores.


If your website is in need of quality-oriented and reliable AMC, then you should contact Codex Global immediately. The minute you sign up with us, we survey your entire website and compile a report which includes our recommended plans and prices.

After you select the package best suited for your needs. We immediately begin renewing your site and eliminating any flaws and hidden errors that were negatively impacting your website’s performance and rank.