WebScientific College, school and campus management system software are an innovative approach to let the management handle educational instituted in a better way, providing ample of scope for better decision making capabilities and more opportunities for perfection on hand. Having expertise in system and reservation platform domain, our systems are developed by industry experts who work closely in association with domain experts of education sector.

Cloud vision’s college, school, campus management system software is an Innovative software for educational institutions resulting in a better management and enabling institutes for better decision making capabilities. With expertise in domain and technology, our education ERP has been developed by working closely with domain experts in the education sector. Most of our online school management systems are comprehensive solutions that are designed with utmost sophistications, state of the art web technology and aimed to provide quality and better education management.

Customized School Management Solution

We not only provide standard management systems but also popular for offering custom made school management systems called as Education or College Management systems. Our devised systems can centralize and automate the existing processes for all types of education institutes. These management systems can act as the backbone for automated processing and management, providing you with ease of functioning for day to day operations.


School management systems are the foremost effort to streamline the academics and that’s why we offer full fledged solution to such problems. Till now we have established numerous preferred and customized software solutions including the campus management software, college management systems, educational institution application etc. Our developed systems are:

  • Insightful: They make decision based on analytical reports
  • User-Friendly: Easy to use interface and no training required to operate the systems
  • Security: The data is store in encrypted over cloud servers. The multiple levels of security and checks are performed and tested.
  • Compatible: They are compatible with all the major devices.
  • Unified : Integrating single solutions to avoid data duplication & help with implementing strong process.
  • Uniform: Get uniformity of work across the campus with a single glance overview of the various systems
  • Save Paper: Save paper, save time & save money, go green.


  • Managing Student records including history
  • Faculty records
  • Admission Management
  • Lecture Time-table
  • Examination
  • Interaction between parents and the staffs
  • Integration of SMS gateways and Email gateways
  • Email to students with attachment of assignments.
  • Document Management
  • Generating Reports
  • Integration of SMS gateways and Email gateways
  • Email to students with attachment of assignments.
  • Document Management
  • Generating reports

So, get your own Learning and School management system developed by Industry experts and hire ScientificWebs.