Codex Global is a software company and marketing agency established in 2009 During our active years, we reached steady success and were put in the position of being one of the pioneers in the Egyptian market. We take pride in being the best at what we do. We provide innovative solutions and effective systems for companies to manage the electronic trading sites along with everything related to mobile applications and advanced websites. Our company follows all international standards, which makes us one of the very few frontrunners among companies in this field. This also enables us to provide all the assistance required to complete a smooth digital transfer of your company. The use of the highest degree of craftsmanship and efficiency leads to the development of your business and public relations services. All this will help consolidate relations between your company and its team on the one hand, and your existing and potential customers on the other hand. We can also support you with all marketing consulting so as to reach the success that you want to achieve.we are focusing mainly on providing high-performance software services that benefit various industries. During our years upon years of experience, we got to know the tips and tricks of the software industry, mobile app development as well as websites and what makes them tick.Due to the exposure to the market needs and demand, we will successfully create, develop and market your products.

The one million Dollar question, why codex?

To all our clients and potential clients, rest-assured that Codex is the pioneer field of software and mobile app development. We present you will a well-collaborated efficient team that will yield all the results you’re looking for and more. Codex prides itself on being a creative agency. We present you with out of the box solutions that will surely boom your ideas. All individuals who work within our company share one overwhelming goal which is to reach ultimate clients’ satisfaction. Thus, we are always on top of our clients’ needs and demands to make sure they get what they’re after. The cherry on top is that we offer competitive prices when compared to other companies in the market, all inclusive of top-notch results. We set various milestones while executing any said project to show progress to our clients to make sure we are on the right track.We are known for never missing a deadline that we set as this is both a sign of respect to our clients as well as a sign of our professionalism that we maintain to keep along the years.By doing so, we save a lot of time and once again feeds our goal of clients’ satisfaction.  Knowing the value of time, highly respect deadlines.


Experience is of grave importance as it guarantees almost error-free results. Additionally, fast delivery rates are also what experience yields.


We provide competitive prices when compared to others in the market. However, the excellence of the services is never compromised.


We provide our employees with excellent work environment so as to ensure that they reach the highest levels of creativity that is deeply embedded in their minds and thus, great results.We are always on the same page with our clients as their success entails ours. We spend countless hours listening to our clients so as to reach a deeply-rooted understanding of what it is exactly what they want. During our briefings and meetings, we try to expand our potential clients’ horizons, enrich their experience and extend their thoughts to untrodden avenues.

Here’s an overview of what is it exactly that we do.

Codex gives due care to electronic solutions. We provide software development services and software development plans written and tailored to suit your needs. These plans and services are specifically designed to perform your company’s business.

Knowing that each and every business isn’t the same, each design that we perform is unique. We implement and maintain new software specifically for you, as well as develop and maintain existing software you already have.

We will provide your business with an accurate analytical study on websites and software to ensure that the necessary needs are met. We also want to be positive that we choose the most appropriate solutions in order to develop the sites to the fullest.

There is no successful business without a head-turning website. As a result, our web development team is always ready to design, linking design with website functionality, and web posting.We also provide you will an effective Database design and its implementation as well. We don’t only design the software or the mobile app and leave you in the dark. On the contrary, we provide a comprehensive and most importantly simple catalog of how to use appropriately.



Mission and vision

Our mission, from the day Codex opened its doors, was the binding agreement that we follow to make sure all our clients get the best experience that they deserve.

We aspire to provide the Egyptian market with innovative software solutions and products that will elevate our clients’ business. Our overwhelming goal is to provide the excellent services that satisfy our customers and also execute its purposes all in a professional and distinguished way. We add value to your product and are always happy to witness the moments of success. Codex takes pride in the success that all its clients achieve. Each and every individual at Codex works hard to reach distinctive and substantial solutions that lead to improving our customers’ business performance.  Together clients and employees, we achieve more.

Our vision is to be the number one IT company in the Egyptian market with no other frontrunners. We dream of being the-go-to company all over Egypt. Excellence and being the first would only be achieved by clients’ satisfaction which is the pillar on which Codex is built. We seek greater challenges, so as to increase our ability to lead and exploit all the means of technology to achieve our goals. We are well aware of the dynamic changes that the market witnesses and we are well-prepared for all challenges.