CODEX GLOBAL is the premier Business Support Service Agency on the globe, we were established in 2009. Since then we have completed spectrums of IT Services & Solutions. We are known for providing high-quality, cost-effective, timely-made solutions. We are continually working on multiple projects across the globe & all our clients received the very best services in the business, at a fraction of what our competitors charge. This practice has made us one of the most sorts after IT firms in the industry.

We at CODEX GLOBAL have built the entire computer system for the Wealthy country of Saudi Arabia, we then focused our talents on upgrading countless small businesses in places like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, India, Lebanon, etc. During this process, we put together a crack-shot team of specialists that can get the biggest to the smallest projects done as professionally, quickly, and seamlessly as possible. After perfecting our system in those places we decided to tackle the vast American market and provide top quality work at a fraction of what our expensive American competitors charge.

Since most of our specialists live in foreign countries it’s natural for them to outperform their American- counterparts for less pay and this is how CODEX GLOBAL is able to give you so much more for less.

Our Portfolio spans across the entire IT spectrum:

Technological Information, Consultation on Custom Software Development, Web Designing, Web Development, Search Engine Marketing, and all related solutions within your industry are forged together by our proprietary business model that operates through the World Wide Web.

We make sure and keep all aspects of each individual project in perfect synchronization. Our project managers ensure that your project is completed to your satisfaction. They are like maestros conducting everyone working on your project to complete it in harmonious perfection. Whether aspects of your project are being delegated to our affiliates abroad or done in-house. Your project manager is breathing down everyone necks, making sure that your project is completed as quickly and harmoniously as possible.


  • Our specialists thoroughly analyze the nature of your business, to garner a complete understanding of the image you desire to portray, then we duplicate that image to perfection. We provide complete transparency, commitment, fluidity, affordability & dependability.
    • The planning phase of the operation begins once the client selects the plan best suited for their enterprise. CODEX GLOBAL’S powerful workforce carefully examines their needs and requirements then prepares a blueprint, tailor-made and specifically compiled to effectively steer their business to success.
    • To ensure that our clients are completely informed regarding their precious project before its completion, we make sure and deliver a comprehensive presentation outlining everything we did and how it’s going to benefit their business bottom line.
    • Our Project Managers walk you through every stage of the Development of your project until it’s successfully completed. Because of its ever-expanding list of satisfied customers, CODEX GLOBAL is now being lauded as one of the most dependable, Website Designing, Development companies on the globe.

Director’s Message

After conducting research on our initial Web Development projects. I discovered that the cultural background of the user plays a very important role in the way they interact  with websites. We uncovered various differences in website usability, when different cultures were compared to website usability & usefulness. This priceless information has allowed us to identify whatever preferences & expectations the users may have for a particular Website.

From this knowledge we concluded that cultural knowledge about the user is just as important as technical knowledge about the desired web design. This is a major differentiating factor which separates us from our competitions. We implement this factor in everything we do.

By our team having a complete understanding of the cultural inclinations that any particular user group may have. They are then able to perfect the technical aspects of the project, producing excellent results every time.

This defferentiating factor is extremely important for a Global company like CODEX, which by default deals with numerous cultural backgrounds. For instance, Arabic and English Website have completely different cultural backgrounds, & our understanding of this factor has allowed us to provide stella results for both.

Hatem Attia

Codex Global